Bjorn Local Social Media offers a full-range of internet marketing solutions but we specialize in simplifying social media marketing for small business. From one small business to another, we don’t want to spend money on things we don’t need (or don’t understand) so we won’t ask that of you. We are focused on small, local businesses ready to step up their internet presence without losing focus on their audience and their local community.  In our experience, there is still a surprising number of small business owners that are skeptical of the benefits of using social media to market their business – even on a local scale.  Compounding the problem is the fact that these skeptics are left further and further behind when it is so difficult to find simple answers to their social media marketing questions. We’re a company that truly believes social media for business is the best thing since sliced bread so we hope to bridge the gap. Scratch that. We live and breath to bridge the gap.  BJORN Local Social Media wants to earn your trust and hold your hand through this virtual adventure.  No matter your business or experience, there’s a place  for you in social media and a reward waiting.